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The Context Factory 

The Context Factory 

Less Art more Science

#WholeVillageHiring™ understands and engages talent better via real data on what works. 

Don’t wait for talent to apply 

In the current climate for talent, can you afford to be passive? Contact us for help below - (need more talent)

Whole Village Hiring™

Our platform creates a unique outbound hiring platform optimised to each talent - always learning - always listening. 

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Your job specs are a list of demands to the winning side in the 'War for Talent.' 

While there is technology that can help you write more compelling job descriptions and adverts, you are still talking to groups rather than listening to people. Whole Village Hiring™ uses adaptive intelligence to give every talent the optimised experience most likely to encourage them to take part.  

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    “The ability to review and learn about a new company in a place and at a pace that suited me enabled me to investigate how much of a match there was, without having to apply to find out. By being able to see the environment, new colleagues, the people behind the hire and how much the business supported women in technology, it took away much of the risk of looking at a new role”

    Talent in our existing Fortune250 trial in Ireland.

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Whole Village Hiring™ is optimised for mobile & video, always for talent to see & hear not read. 

What we have learned works best from trials in England, Scotland, Poland, Ireland, India & USA, is to focus on the fact that all people have 'their life.' Engaging talent about a new job without addressing how it fits into their life is no longer going to work. Understanding each talent's context matters. 

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    "A platform that showed me a career opportunity in a country I had never thought about living in, is something I have never experienced before. A particularly useful aspect, were insights not only useful to me but also my family. The ability to share the engagement with all around my dinner table before even joining the process enabled us to collectively sign up to major life change and family adventure."

    Talent in from our MVP trial in Mumbai

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So you are starting to use data to inform your key hiring messages? Is your data set flawed?  

If you are looking at the bias on the assessment of talent that has applied, you have already missed the need to understand who may have looked in the window and moved on. When it comes to greater DEI in hiring, if your starting point is low, it never gets higher as you progress. 

  • "There are lots of false promises in hiring technology. The truth is, if you do not address the bias in your engagement, assessment is too late. If you are encouraging a wider range of talent to apply, applying to them is more proactive. 'Bias free' in any tech ignores the truth that all algorithms are opinions manifest in code. Whole Village Hiring™ deploys a client’s culture and learns from talent mitigating bias, you cannot remove it. "

    Sean Fay, inventor of Whole Village Hiring™

- Our Value

Our Whole Village Hiring™ platform uses unique global insights to create real results that cannot be delivered elsewhere. 

Our platform has learned from real and truly diverse talent what works. Across the globe we have deployed insights on client companies that reflected their culture to talent. We have then consistently learned from their response. Engagement that is always learning, widens the gate to understand how to hire in a way that improves your DEI post pandemic. The answer lies in listening to talent. The most recent insights learned are in relation to female IT talent in financial services from a trial with a Fortune 250 in Ireland's South East. Comparing similar male to female talents, female talent was found to be:  

● 1000% more likely to share an approach with friends & family ● 500% longer reviewing before initiating an interest to progress● 60% + extra time spent reviewing work life integration  ● 40% more impacted by peers & reports than a C level leader 


- Outbound talent:-)

Let us use #WholeVillageHiring™ to fill a live role for you. 
We can then show you how our platform created a much wider access to a more diverse range of talent.

For outbound hiring.

Our platform supports better proactive outbound hiring to compliment inbound talent. 

Seeing & hearing.

Allowing the right people to see and hear each other, right from the start of the hiring process. 

Nurture talent in.

Different talents 'shop' for a new role differently. We bring a data driven approach to success. 

Engagement powered by feeling a shared experience.

About Us. 


Seán Fay


Has had a career in recruitment as consultant, manager and business owner. Passionate that the move of recruitment from services to software is more inclusive than the status quo. He is a neurodivergent entrepreneur. 



Teresa Maguire Tarrant


Is a career professional in HR technology and innovation, a director of a tech start-up acquired by Sage, as well as ex-Oracle and Core HR. Teresa has an MBS from UCD & a Post Grad in Innovation. 


- From a wide range of talents we have been learnng

From a diverse range of projects we have learned from a wide range of talents about the engagement that worked for them. 


Case Study 

Military identity is complex 

Veteran Recruitment USA

Engaging veteran talent in Atlanta, Georgia to work in IT support. 

Case Study

Female space engineering

It actually is rocket science

Engaging engineering talent to relocate for work. 

Case Study

IT talent to rural Ireland

Returning and moving talent


Learning how to package work with homes, schools, environment and more. 

Case Study

Neuro_advantage talent

Born to solve problems


Don't teach 'ND' talent how to fit in, see how they can help you stand out. 

Case Study 

Returning diaspora talent

Coming home to a new job

We have undertaken returning talent projects in Ireland, Poland and India. 

- We are in the business of diversity

Our technology widens the gate, it does not lower the bar. 

We are in the business of diversity. Greater competition for your jobs makes better teams, which makes for a better company. Our technology creates an additional hiring channel that makes a better use of all of your company to engage talent, who then need to be assessed alongside talent from other channels. Increasing outbound based hiring, allows for you to nurture and learn from those able to bring a real advantage. 

- Time line

Overview of our history to date

  • 2019


    We started as an Oracle start up company.

    We learned much there but wanted to be more independent. We are no longer connected to Oracle in any way.

  • 2020


    We have worked hard to learn new things. 

    We have worked on the projects in our case study in order to learn what really works. These unique insights mean we have only ever learned directly from talent what works.

  • 2021


    We moved from projects to focusing on SaaS.

    We delivered the last of the projects we need to develop test and build out our enterprise technology based on learning from talent. From 2022 we will only enter trials that can scale into using our technology as SaaS in your existing HCM systems (HR Technology)

  • 2022


    Secure web trial to validate, SaaS to scale.

    In Q1 of 2022 we start delivering trials of our software via a secure standalone 'sandbox' test environment, with a view to scaling into your HCM. Current Live trials indicate an initial focus on Workday & SAP. We can agree upfront the scope & cost of integrating into other HCM.