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The ContextFactory™

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Use our tech in your existing hiring software to increase the diversity that joins your hiring process.


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The Context Factory is a pioneer of ethical machine learning using #DiversityData 

We deploy our technology into your existing HCM / ATS, to increase the diversity that joins your hiring process. Nurture diversity talent via virtual environments that unlocks their full potential.

GDPR Compliant

We build insights into how to nurture individual talents, without scrapping or engaging without consent. 

HCM SaaS Integrated

Our enterprise technology integrates into your existing HCM / ATS technology. 

Diversity Data 

We use diversity data, not to screen & sort but to engage & nurture.


- Our Value

Every valued engagement on our platform teaches us what REALLY works.

After collecting overt and consensual #DiversityData in Europe, USA & Asia, we have already made (globally 100% unique to us) findings such as on average, female talent will spend:  

    40% longer reviewing a new work-life integration.
    5 x viewing before responding (a more considered buyer).
    10 x more likely to share your approach with others before responding

An example of findings, our focus is not just gender ;-) Systemic injustice is present in too much hiring technology, improving bias in assessment is too late in the process. You cannot assess those who do not apply, you cannot interview an empty chair.

Our tech creates a continuous learning loop from 1-4 

Are your job descriptions a static list, or a virtual experience?


- The business case for diversity has been settled.

Our technology widens the gate, it does not lower the bar. 

The business case for diversity is settled but is not being actioned. Too often 'automating' selection bakes in bias at scale and sets progress back. Our technology creates an additional hiring channel that makes a better use of all of your company to engage talent. We believe REAL progress cannot come from outside of your culture for a fee. Our technology does not change your culture, it does however learn from it :-) 

- An overview of our innovation 

We use digital identity to create a unique hiring platform for each talent. 

Our technology focuses ethical machine learning into a platform that assists talent to explore opportunities that even they may consider to be beyond their reach. Engagement that is always learning, widens the gate. 

Whole Village Hiring deploys insights on your company that reflect your culture to talent, while consistently learning from their response. We call this turning your content into their context. Insights already learned: 

● Neurodivergent talent impacted by 'new line manager' insight● Female talent showed more interest in peers & reports than male talent ● Intro via an alumni connection impacted 'ethnic group' talent more ● All talents showed a higher response rate from a personalised intro video ● When geographically moving talent all valued seeing homes, schools etc. 


- What is our lane?

Employee Resource Groups are changing.  

Companies are evolving their employee resource groups into 'networks,' 'councils' or 'communities.' We recognize how such 'groups' and initiatives bring comfort and inclusion to talent that can see and hear success that 'looks like me.' We are also mindful of their evolution, so that more diverse applicants can have a better connection and understanding of what success looks like in a new company. 
The Context Factory has focused our Whole Village Hiring™ on intersection and the shared experiences of talent so as to make better connections between the talent already inside your business and that presently outside it. There is a wide range of diversity inside large groups such as those focused on gender or ethnicity. We have also learned how to better connect insights and experiences from talent within one group with talent in an other. Our technology allows you to deploy all the diversity in your business to nurture more diversity to join. The goal is for better Universal design in virtual engagement so as to leave no one behind, progress all on their full potential, the digital ramp best for each talent ;-)


Why is there a need for The Context Factory?
Systemic problems need systemic solutions, too much of the existing 'AI' in hiring is focused on short term drivers. 


- Insights so far

From a growing range of projects we have collected many unique insights. Why not allow talent to teach you what works best?   


Case Study 

Military identity is complex 

Veteran Recruitment USA

Engaging veteran talent in Atlanta, Georgia to work in IT support. 

Case Study

Female space engineering

It actually is rocket science

Engaging engineering talent to relocate for work. 

Case Study

IT talent to rural Ireland

Returning and moving talent


Learning how to package work with homes, schools, environment and more. 

Case Study

Neuro_advantage talent

Born to solve problems


Don't teach 'ND' talent how to fit in, see how they can help you stand out. 

Case Study 

Returning diaspora talent

Coming home to a new job

We have undertaken returning talent projects in Ireland, Poland and India. 

8 week trial.

  • Can it be done 100% virtually, what do you need from us?

    Yes much of diversity and inclusion has been about physical events, initiatives and the work of ERG's . Our focus has always been about how your culture operates online. We copy and reuse parts of your content lakes, we do operate from your social media accounts.   

  • Does the trial commit us to purchase software?

    No a trial is a stand alone project of value, funded by us and the clients we work with capped at less than the recurring cost of an average recruitment agency hire.

  • What does a trial deliver?

    Each trial enables a client to collect data on a diversity goal that is critical to them. This can inform diversity initiatives or build an investment case for progressing with us.  

Trial assessment. 

  • What happens in a trial review? 

    We hold a virtual workshop to present findings and examine the evidence of:Diversity audit on 'As-Is' employee branding.Diversity data insights for new messaging.Value of recruiting from outside TA team.Increase in response of diversity talent*
    Diversity report made for TA - D&I team to share with colleagues.
    *talent that joins a client via a trial does so at no cost from us, we are not acting as an agency,

  • How does diversity data impact employee branding?

    Each project will give a client data on any specific area of diversity they want to make more tech enabled and bring real and focused data to their employer branding messaging. 

  • Why does talent help us create #DiversityData?

    We are 100% honest that algorithms are opinions based in code and we want theirs. We allow talent taking part to show the positive role they have taken in better 'ML' by showing their participation, currently across LinkedIn, Twitter & GitHub. The coloration of opinion in a client's content and diversity's response removes unconscious bias from the very start of your hiring process. 

HCM Integration. 

  • Will you integrate into our HCM /ATS?

    Our initial focus is on the major HCM / ATS systems such as SAP, IBM, Workday, ICIMS & Oracle. We are open to working with clients on other ATS /HCM systems but need to be upfront on integration costs before conducting a trial. 

  • How do you manage GDPRS? 

    We do not retain any non anonymized information, we seek and constantly check on having consent, have privacy engineered by design and enable talent to 100% remove themselves with one simple click.  

  • Do we plan to become a HCM /ATS?

    No. We like being able to widen the scope of who might join a system. Our focus is on how best to engage enterprise software to keep on opening doors.  

- Time line

Overview of our history to date

  • 2019


    We started as an Oracle start up company.

    we learned much there but wanted to be more independent, we are no longer connected to Oracle in any way.  

  • 2020


    As it was for many, 2020 was a bit tough.

    while we knew our innovation could really help the global call for more justice, we had to rework how to build out our company while funding was scarce.

  • 2021


    New partners committed to real progress in D&I.

    we have some exciting news coming soon on new partners to help us scale into our first enterprise product.

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You know how accessible your building is, what about your virtual space?

Feel free to contact us to learn more about using diversity data: 

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Our objectives include the  UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our mission is to optimise virtual environments to level up who is encouraged to reach their full potential.
(5) Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls   (8) Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth   (9) Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive innovation (10) Reduce inequality within and among countries (17) Strengthen partnerships for sustainable development