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The ContextFactory™

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Learn about engagement from ALL talents.

Let us show you how to use #Diversity_Data to achieve real hiring outcomes. Tell us your top D&I hiring goal. 

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Diversity asks:“who’s in the room?” 
Equity responds:“who is trying to get in the room but can’t?” 

Professor D-L Stewart: Co-Chair Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research @ Colorado State University

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8 week trial.

  • Can it be done 100% virtually, what do you need from us?

    Yes much of diversity and inclusion has been about physical events, initiatives and the work of ERG's . Our focus has always been about how your culture operates online. We copy and reuse parts of your content lakes, we do operate from your social media accounts.   

  • Does the trial commit us to purchase software?

    No a trial is a stand alone project of value, funded by us and the clients we work with capped at less than the recurring cost of an average recruitment agency hire.

  • What are the deliverables of a trial?

    Each trial enables a client to collect data on a diversity goal that is critical to them. This can inform diversity initiatives or build an investment case for progressing with us.  

Trial assessment. 

  • What happens in a trial review? 

    We hold a virtual workshop to present findings and examine the evidence of:Diversity audit on 'As-Is' employee branding.Diversity data insights for new messaging.Value of recruiting from outside TA team.Increase in response of diversity talent*
    Diversity report made for TA - D&I team to share with colleagues.
    *talent that joins a client via a trial does so at no cost from us, we are not acting as an agency,

  • Could the diversity data assist our branding?

    Each project will give a client data on any specific area of diversity they want to make more tech enabled and bring real and focused data to their employer branding messaging. 

  • Why does talent help us create #DiversityData?

    We are 100% honest that algorithms are opinions based in code and we want theirs. The coloration of opinion in a client's content and diversity's response to it seeks to optimise bias, you cannot remove it.   

HCM Integration. 

  • Will you integrate into our HCM /ATS?

    Our initial focus is on the major HCM / ATS systems such as SAP, IBM, Workday, ICIMS & Oracle. We are open to working with clients on other ATS /HCM systems but need to be upfront on integration costs before conducting a trial. 

  • How do you manage GDPRS? 

    We do not retain any non anonymized information, we seek and constantly check on having consent, have privacy engineered by design and enable talent to 100% remove themselves with one simple click.  

  • Do we plan to become a HCM /ATS. 

    No. We like being able to widen the scope of who might join a system. Our focus is on how best to engage enterprise software to keep on opening doors.