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The Context Factory 

The Context Factory 

- Need more talent!

In 28 days we can add a high quality outbound hiring channel. 
We then review that talent against your current focus on attraction. Outbound research driven hiring unlocks higher levels of both quality & diversity. 
Get in touch via email, chat or phone.  

Quality of Hire.

All applicants have 'self selected' their suitability for a role. Outbound talent will nearly always be higher quality talent.

Bigger and Quicker

By reaching out to talent and showing them (and their family) a new role / life, our platform can access a whole world of talent in minutes. 

Better Diversity 

By not being limited to the talent that has 'self-selected' themselves as a fit for your jobs, we can engage a much wider range of talent to take part.  

Question and Answers on getting started. 

Review of your existing engagement.

  • How do we review your existing engagement?

    We will review the existing talent journey from any job board you use, LinkedIn and across your own jobs section; everything that leads up to that written job spec and apply now button.

  • What is it that we are looking for in the content we know works best?

    Across our trials to date, we have found that shared experience is the most powerful element of nurturing talent to take part. We therefore look for employees who have a hiring story that will resonate.

  • How do you share the findings with us?

    We will share in a virtual workshop in which we present your existing talent engagement and new engagement we will use in the proposed target role hire.

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Collect, create & curate for TEST role.

  • How do you collect and create content?

    We collect from your existing content if there is anything we think will can re-use towards more shared experience. More often in the test stage, we will just create a few bits of content via a streamlined process that takes up very little of a client's time.

  • Why do you also curate content, why do we share insights beyond 'work'?

    Too much of engagement is 100% about the company or role that you are seeking to fill. A new job is a major change in a candidate's life; a risk and something that will not only change their life but all of 'those around their dinner table.' At the platform review stage, we can show you specifically how this works and the data behind the need for it.

  • Is it a completely virtual process, are you able to engage us 100% online?

    Yes, everything we do and everything we ask a client or talent to do, is entirely a virtual process with no need for any face to face meetings.

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Assess trial platform before go live.

  • Can we assess a trial platform before going live?

    We actually insist on it. It enables us to show you how the talent we have already engaged has taught us much about how to express your culture to talent and then learn from their response.

  • What happens to the content after the test hire?

    It can become the core of building a context based recruitment memory that has learned from talent and your culture in order to move forward to a larger scale enterprise use. Even if you choose not to, it is yours to use as you see fit. (see benefits in addition) below.

  • Do you use our brand? 

    We represent your brand and take that seriously. In the hiring engagement platforms we use, we can follow a request on brand guide lines. In practice, we have learned the benefit of avoiding this. The content is never in the public domain. Talent has told us that discretion in look and feel made it easier to review in work environments where a competitor logo can really stand out.

Add additional talent to your hiring.

  • How do you decide who to engage, is the challenge 'who' or 'how'?

    We will present on this in detail at every kick off work shop. We are happy to take client direction or to generate hiring options via our own resources. We believe increasingly in many fields of recruitment, the challenge is 'how' to nurture talent in. 'Who' to engage is spread across each talent's growing digital identity.

  • Can the hiring be focused at a given diversity goal?

    Yes, we are more than happy to do this. Our very first project was moving a female talent back from maternity leave into a new industry in which she went on to become the client's first female board director. We would agree any given target at workshop stage.

  • How do you add the additional talent to our hiring?

    Any talent who give us their consent to share their details can be connected with your hiring teams. We are happy to take direction on a preference of how to do this. Clients can review our work via access to the portal we use to engage talent at any time. We engage until success is achieved.

Talent hired & data shared 

  • What benefits in addition to filling the test role?

    We have found in engagements to date that results can have useful insights for teams across: ● Recruitment marketing / branding.● Diversity and Inclusion. ● Procurement / cost reduction. ● Internal hiring / succession planning.

  • What if we want to hire other talents from the trial?

    Great, we are not acting as a recruitment agency. You can hire as much talent from a trial as is agreeable to both parties. There are 0% hiring fees in all projects (see why do we get so much for such a little cost)

  • Is diversity up, cost & time to recruit down possible?

    We are in the business of better diversity, we believe in it as the central factor that will help ensure your company has the innovation to still be here. 52% of the Fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 are now extinct, we seek long term clients. By reducing advertising costs and external hiring fees, we seek to share the success of your better hiring environment. More and more adverts and postings create a large but often quiet similar intake of talent who need to be assessed, processed and communicated with. This can be exhausting. Our technology is aimed at reducing the total size of your recruitment by increasing the quality.

Other questions from previous trials 

  • Do you need access to our HR tech / social media? 

    Our test hire platform is hosted in our own AWS environment. We do not need access to your social media channels and do not contact talent via those channels; a feature you will be able to utilize if you chose to go on to enterprise use.

  • Why do we get so much for such a little cost?

    Each project has helped us build our unique solutions to problems like managing GDPRS, building in privacy, managing other languages and more. We have been learning over earning, we intend to continue this through 2021, but now only with clients at least open to further enterprise use.

  • When will your tech be in our existing HR/HCM? 

    We are committed to a seamless no cost, no fuss integration into the top 5 HCM systems in Q3 2022 - Q1 2023. For other integrations, we can discuss integrations based on a practical plan of how beneficial it is to us, how many target clients are operating on, or are moving to that HCM. We understand HCM change is tough and not fun.