The ContextFactory™

The ContextFactory™



The Context Factory was founded by Seán Fay, a career recruiter who moved into developing technology with a focus on how the tools being used were just not working for everyone. TCF undertakes trials on the area of diversity most important to each client. Seán is however very transparent as a dyslexic immigrant of emigrants about his passion around helping companies, to both support more of their existing Neurodivergent talent to 'COME OUT' as well as bringing more 'ND' thinking in. 
He has also pioneered much of our work in making a better use of international talent. Seán has 'moved' talent from / to Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, and Australia in executive search before working in technology. From this he learned about engaging all those around a 'talents dinner table.' This insight lead much of early work in curating homes, schools, culture and many aspects outside of 'work' to support a talents consideration of considering a role outside of their own career plans. He is also passionate about entrepreneurial education in lower income areas. 

'ND' minds are over-represented on every rich list and in every prison. 

Where does society want them? Could 'ND' thinkinggive your company a #NeuroAdvantage?